The key to achieving both aesthetics and low carbon emissions is through the alternative use of “bio-based” materials. The use of oil as a medium for most paints has been in practice for over 2000 years, with tung oil being used as a film-forming agent by China to blend various colours and form coatings. However, the traditional natural collection of raw lacquer has become inadequate in the industrial era. The addition of curing agents has become an inevitable choice for the development of the automotive industry. This technology is based on the use of petroleum as a raw material, leading to pollution from the waste paint films which cannot be degraded easily.

To upgrade our technology, we must first address the biggest “pain points”. In recent years, NIPSEA Group has focused on the “Renaissance” bio-based technology. As a representative of its global technology integration, NIPSEA Group has selected some bio-based curing agents developed by Covestro in Germany as the foundation to develop a new generation of automotive coating solutions.

NIPSEA Group has innovatively used bio-based curing agents that contain nearly 70% of bio-based raw materials instead of petroleum-based curing agents. The bio-based curing agents can be converted into final products through biological or chemical transformation, effectively reducing carbon emissions during the production process. With its profound technological accumulation, NIPSEA Group quickly applied bio-based technology to the research and development of varnishes and ultimately formed the final product through deep integration of large formulations and industrial manufacturing.

This is the real innovation behind the environmental protection of NIPSEA Group’s bio-based coating solution: achieving environmental protection goals without compromising performance. In laboratory tests, NIPSEA Group uses bio-based varnishes that remain stable in hardness, appearance, ageing tests, and chemical resistance tests, and even exhibit better performance in some tests.

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