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The R&D team in Nippon Paint has developed innovative coating solutions to address the surface challenges from composites substrates. With NP SPARLITE®, our portfolio of composites coating products, we can solve the low surface quality issues of various composites substrates, offer a great deal of design freedom, in terms of surface appearance effects and coating process versatilities, and help composites materials in a wide range of market applications.

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TuffLac——a scratch resistant yet healable clear coat has been developed while several in-house technologies have synergistically boosted its scratch resistance without compromising the appearance, mechanical properties and applicability. 

At Nippon Paint, CyGLAZ® technology has been incorporated into the clear coats of BeudLac and TuffLac, producing a superior coating that protects your car against various environmental factors with long lasting gloss retention.

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Colour Technology is committed to leading research and innovation on colour material, colourant, and colour science. It seeks to render colour diversity and differentiation while reducing VOC emission, energy consumption, and significantly improving productivity. By creatively designing and employing versatile colour materials, NIPSEA brings more colours to the world. We have developed 10 colourant platforms which have revitalised traditional offering portfolios, and also provide a powerful impetus to enable green technology and colour innovation across a variety of application areas such as automotive coatings, general industrial coatings, coil coatings, and decorative paints. The integration of flourishing artificial intelligence with colour science in 2021 has presented an opportunity to transform traditional colour matching into a data-driven process than can better meet the needs of our customers.

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We are proud to announce that NIPSEA Group has set a new benchmark in the field of automotive paint segmentation by officially obtaining the global certification of BMW waterborne paint. This makes us the world’s leading supplier of automotive paint to receive official certification from the BMW Group, winning product certification for the relevant five colours at once.

Currently, white has already been mass-produced at the BMW Munich factory in Germany, and blue and black will also be applied to the mass production of X3, 5 series, X5, and other models at the Brilliance BMW NEX factory. This marks the official start of our cooperation with BMW Group on IPP waterborne paint products and demonstrates our automotive paint R&D strength and cutting-edge resources recognised by international automotive brands represented by BMW. This new certification will provide strong revenue for our global automotive paint business and bring breakthroughs and growth to the booming Chinese market.

As one of the leading enterprises in the automotive industry, BMW Group has independent testing standards and detailed comprehensive testing requirements for global certification. We are proud that our product has met these high-quality standards, ensuring that we can supply high-quality products that meet the demands of BMW customers’ continuous improvement with our high-level quality specifications and core technologies.

We have continued to improve our technology, process, aesthetics, service, and other aspects in the face of rapidly changing new trends and demands in the automotive paint market. Through years of dedicated development and continuous optimisation of our product system, we have been able to fully meet the quality requirements of BMW and provide excellent coating performance such as chip resistance and UV resistance. Our IPP process helps reduce paint consumption during the coating process, achieving the effect of reducing comprehensive costs and energy conservation and emission reduction, fully responding to the national “dual carbon” goal. This global certification of BMW waterborne paint will inject new momentum into our competition in the automotive paint market.

With the gradual full production of the BMW Lydia factory and the increase of new production lines of Brilliance BMW NEX factory, we expect the market scale of IPP waterborne paint to further increase. Our global certification of BMW waterborne paint not only means that we have successfully expanded our market share in the European and American automotive markets but also that we will soon achieve a share breakthrough and organic growth in the Chinese market.

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