Harnessing the collective genius of our valued employees

Our people are the key driving force towards ensuring NIPSEA Group’s long-term success and growth. We endeavor to support and strengthen them in their professional and personal development through means of providing diverse opportunities for career advancement and ensuring an inclusive work environment that fulfils their needs.

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We take pride in advocating for a diverse and inclusive workforce that encompasses different genders, generations, nationalities, and expertises across countries working collaboratively to produce better business outcomes for both our customers and the communities that we operate in.
In FY2021, the Group’s new hire rate measured 26.0%, which was higher compared to 2020 and the proportion of senior management hired from local communities measured at 57.1%

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Employee safety is NIPSEA Group’s number one priority and we place great emphasis on the physical and mental well-being of our people. We achieve this through the enforcement of safe behaviours and the provision of good health and working conditions under local laws and regulations, as well as the Group’s Quality, Environment, Safety and Health (“QESH”) protocol. These policies form the health and safety foundation that governs actions within the Group, including the interactions we have with our suppliers, customers, or any other related third party. Occupational health and safety committees, chaired directly by Senior Management, oversee the management of workplace safety.

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NIPSEA Group, we adopt a group-level learning framework that ensures the holistic development of our employees through upskilling their capabilities and competencies required at differing job levels. Training and educational programmes are uniquely tailored at the country level depending on the needs identified from our annual training needs analysis.
NIPSEA Group’s provision of diverse training and educational programmes ranges from technical to leadership upskilling to better equip our employees with the necessary skills in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.
In FY2021, we clocked a total of 387,243 hours, with an increase of >13% as compared to FY2020 for our employees, average of 15 hours per employee.

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