N’Shakti empowers women with painting skills

“Men questioned us constantly, asking, ‘What are these women going to do? How can women wear sarees and climb up at different places to do a painting job?’ I can climb scaffoldings and walls and paint as well as they do. I can confidently say that I can do the same type of work they do.”

Through n’Shakti, we empower unskilled women with painting skills so they’re able to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families. N’Shakti has impacted the lives of over 450 women whom have successfully completed the training within a span of 20,000 total hours, up-skilling members of the community in a positive manner. Rural women earning a livelihood have always been a challenge as they lack employable skills. We believe in providing quality training to empower women and their lives have changed tremendously – both in self-confidence and financial independence.
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