Colours in Communities

Nippon Nation – Spreading DeLight (Blanket Drive)

Take a glimpse of Blanket Drive, a heartwarming initiative by Nippon Nation focused on providing blankets to the underprivileged that live on the cold busy streets..

Nippon Paint Singapore Helps to Rebuild a Single Mother’s Home

Meet Tanti, a resilient Singaporean entrepreneur and devoted single mother of three, who during the pandemic, faced a devastating loss when her home was destroyed in a fire.

Nippon Paint Vietnam is Making a Positive Impact on the Environment

In partnership with Mekong One, the Ben Tre Provincial People's Committee, and the Tam Long Vang Foundation, we're proud to be a part of the initiative to plant 10 million trees in Ben Tre province, raising awareness about the importance of preserving our planet.

Building a School with BASF

We sponsored paints for Kim Dong Primary School in Hau Giang Province, Vietnam and also conducted a painting class together with BASF.

Refurbishment of Park

We beautified a park with paints, planted trees as well as cleaned the park to provide a conducive space for the public to connect and relax in nature.

Effect of Colours on Children

Together with the Ministry of National Education we developed a research educating the public on the psychological effects of colours on children.

Safeguarding the Colour Turquoise

Developed a book which carries the cultural legacy of Turquoise, which is historically associated with Turkish culture, to future generations.

Community Support

We supported the community financially and also donated paints, food parcels and hygiene kits.

Refurbishment of Heritage Site

We refurbished a world heritage site, Gallipoli Peninsula where the Battle of Gallipoli was fought during the First World War in April 1915.

Painters Training Academy

Through Filli Ustam Service, we provide professional paint training to interested individuals providing them with new new job opportunities.

Wellness Products for Hospitals

To protect medical front liners’ health and to maintain their internal hygiene to prevent the transmission of virus.

Railway Police Building Uplift

Renovated the exterior façade of the railway police building which has been around for more than 20 years.

Protege Upskilling Training

We set out to empower and upskill interested individuals with painting skills to create more skilled individuals in the community.

Paint for Ton Ngiw School

Donated paints to Ton Ngiw School to provide students with a conducive learning environment.

Paint for Ra-dar School

Donated paints for a school in a rural area to provide students with a conducive learning environment..

Paint for Neurological Institute

Donated paints for Prasat Neurological Institute to renovate their building and enhance the environment..

Kinhom Tom Muan Art Fest 2020

Partnered with Addict Art Studio and Lanna University to engage with the community by uplifting spaces to attract tourists to help with the economy.

Conservation of Thai Arts & Culture

We provided financial support as well as donation of necessities to schools and charity organisations..

Community Support

We provided financial support as well as donation of necessities to schools and charity organisations..

Brain Based Learning Painting

Promoted self-learning tools for students through paint play..

Beautification of Bridge Pillars

We beautified the pillars of a bridge in which the area below the bridge has been transformed into an exercise and rest area.

Colour, Way of Love

Educated students on colour match and painting skills whilst repainting the learning space together..

Paint Sponsorship for Schools

We partnered with Derana TV under the program “Sipsal Pubuduwa” to provide paints and necessities to underserved schools in rural areas.

Anti-Microbial Paint for Hospital

To support IDH Hospital in up keeping and maintaining their internal hygiene to prevent the transmission of virus.

ArtWalk by LaSalle

We partnered with La Salle School of the Arts to refresh murals in Little India by expressing Singapore’s culture, heritage and creativity.

Ode to Heroes

Partnered with MediaCorp in a nationwide campaign to show appreciation to our front liners who contributed to protect our community.

Colour the City

We partnered with the local government unit and local artists in bringing  colours to public spaces in the communities.

Everyone Can Dream

We aim to make basketball courts and public spaces vibrant and to inspire the community to be interested in sports and to come together as a community.

Oasis Project

We partnered with the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines to construct and paint resting areas for medical front liners at hospitals.

Sponsorship for Rescue Stations

Sponsored paints for Rescue 1122, an emergency service to provide management of emergencies such as fire, rescue and emergency medical services.

Sohna Lahore (Beautifying Lahore)

We joined hands with the Deputy Commissioner to uplift the Liberty roundabout with rainbow colours to beautify Lahore, the oldest city of Pakistan.

Hospital Paint Sponsorship

To support the government’s healthcare sector amidst Covid-19.

Playing with Colours Campaign

We went to Hle Gu, the outskirt of Yangon City, to donate paint for a monastery and donated essentials to the community.

Anti-Viral Paint for Hospital

Sponsored Nippon Paint VirusGuard proven to be effective against Human Coronavirus for Hospital Sungai Buloh to repaint indoor spaces.

Anti-Viral Paint for Orphanage

To improve the living environment of Anbu Illam & Karunai Illam orphanage homes by providing a conducive and safe space for the children to live in..

Refurbishment of Public Spaces

To improve the living environment of the underserved and to provide a safe and conducive space for children to play via the initiative, SayangiRumahku.

Scholarship for Employees’ Children

To support and encourage employees’ children to pursue academic excellence in institutions of higher learning.

Gapura Merah Putih

We celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day by gathering communities to clean public areas and to paint the independence day arches..

Certification Program for Painters

Partnership with Paints & Coating Skill Council & Tamil Nadu Skill Development Centre to provide certification for painters.

Dealers & Painters Support

We supported painters with Covid19 insurance, e-vouchers, and online certification as well as credit delays and special discounts for dealers.

Indian Air Force Compound Wall Painting

We sponsored paints and an NGO, Thuvakkam, provided volunteers to beautify the Indian Air Force space.

N’Shakti Paint Training for Women

We upskill women in rural areas by training them to become skilled painters which enables them to earn a livelihood for themselves and their families..

PPE Kit Distribution in Hospitals

We provided PPT kits to a cancer institute & government hospital.

Wall Painting for Old Folk’s Home

We collaborated with individuals from a rehabilitation centre to help paint the walls of an old folk’s home.

Training Workshop for Women

We train women on how they can fix wall/ surface related issues on their own in a small scale.

Anti-Viral Paint Sponsorship for Quarantine Centres

We sponsored anti-viral paint to a  public estate residence which was used as a Covid-19 quarantine centre.

Education Support Award

We support college students in going into the rural areas to carry out social projects in helping develop the education and economy of these areas.

Colour, Way of Love

We beautify schools in rural areas to create a better study environment in hopes to heighten students’ awareness of the surrounding natural beauty.

Commodity Scheme for Painters

As painters are finding it hard to earn a living to support their family members, we launched a commodity scheme (rice & oil) to help ease their lives.

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