Car Park

Shanghai Vanke Qibao International

Use high saturation colors colors give people a dynamic and lively feeling. Because of the semi-enclosed nature of underground parking lots, people often feel depressed and tense in space. Choose visually stimulating colors combined with lively patterns to give a cheerful and lively feeling. Choosing bright and colorful colors can well reflect the dynamic and

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Nanjing Evergrande Golden Blue World

The parking space adopts 1.0mm thick epoxy flat coating system, carriageway adopts a 2.0mm thick non-slip orange-grained epoxy coating system, and the ramp adopts a 3.0mm thick anti-skid sand surface epoxy coating system. After renovated, the garage color material logo is harmonious, bright and beautiful, and also provide the owners with high-quality community parking facilities.

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Wuhan Evergrande

Wuhan Evergrande adopts Nippon ZF-F915 solvent – free epoxy high-slip floor ( sand surface ) for features that includes wear-resistant and compressive, meet the requirements of high slip resistance in wet state, shock absorption and noise reduction, matt and beautiful, anti-corrosion and weather resistance.

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Wuhan Dongsha Wanda

The solvent-free epoxy floor, which also has excellent environmental performance, not only has excellent wear resistance, is dust-free and easy to clean, and is commonly used in many places where high cleanliness is required. In the underground parking garage, the Nippon NF Coat OP solvent-free epoxy floor can also be made with orange pattern or

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