Ciputra Kasih Semarang School

Teaching students entrepreneurial skills empowers them to be proactive, resourceful, and confident individuals, well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead of them. Ciputra Kasih Semarang school aims to plant the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit in its students from an early age. This vision comes to life through the intentional choice of colours. Each bold […]

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Chongqing First Experimental Middle School

The school’s teaching buildings, office buildings, student dormitories, canteens, gymnasiums, laboratory buildings and other buildings adopt Nippon Universal The sand glue imitation brick series realizes the red brick effect of the exterior wall , while the interior wall takes into account the local climate characteristics and adopts the Nippon Anti-alkali and mildew-resistant interior wall system.

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Changchun Shangde School

The finishes of the energy-saving decorative integrated board adopted by Changchun Suntech School use flat-coated rock color and space board respectively, and strive to create 10 color combinations, including 1 main color of flat-coated rock color, 1 skip color, and waistline vertical board.

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