Silver-Ion used in Vinilex Anti-Germ

Nippon Paint Indonesia has been applying Silver-Ion Technology to Nippon Vinilex Fresh since 2005 which was used in hospital buildings. In 2018, this technology was introduced to retail customers through Nippon Spot-Less Plus – a premium segment interior paint with anti-stain and anti-germ functions. Now, Silver-Ion is this technology is used in Vinilex Anti-Germ – a medium segment interior paint since April 2020.

Jon Tan, CEO (Decorative Paints) of Nippon Paint Indonesia said, “Vinilex Anti-Germ with Silver-Ion for the middle segment was launched today to help create a healthy home that is affordable by all Indonesian families. This is a form of Nippon Paint’s contribution as a leader in the paint industry and coatings in Indonesia to combat the spread of disease amid the COVID-19 pandemic. ” #nipponpaint #innovation #healthcare #coatings #silverion #covid19

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