Ciputra Kasih Semarang School

Teaching students entrepreneurial skills empowers them to be proactive, resourceful, and confident individuals, well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead of them. Ciputra Kasih Semarang school aims to plant the seeds of an entrepreneurial spirit in its students from an early age. This vision comes to life through the intentional choice of colours. Each bold […]

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Breaking the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) Record

Nippon Paint Indonesia breaks the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) Record by painting 18,189 Gapuras (gates) under its annual CSR program – ‘Gapura Merah Putih’ throughout the country! To celebrate the spirit of Independence, the teams and partners gathered together to donate and beautify the Gapura Merah Putih (Independence Day Arches) with Nippon Paint’s specially

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Mulia Hotel

Mulia hotel itself is one of the iconic hotels in Jakarta, by using Nippon Weatherbond Solareflect products for external and internal protection using Nippon Flawless for lobby and every room.

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PSEL is the first Waste to Electrical Energy Processing in Indonesia with a waste capacity of up to 1,000 tons per day. Using Tilelac Ema Base, Weatherbond and EA4 Finish.

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Regional Police Mosque

The Mosque Arif Nurul Huda was built by the Provincial Police of East Java (Jawa Timur) in February 2017 and officially opened in February 2018. It occupies an area of 1,200 metres square and can accommodate about 1,500 devotees. Weatherbond Solareflect and a specially formulated Gold Paint were used for the dome and exterior walls.

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